A great last run – this season

This weekend we more or less finished off the skiing season here in Alagna- and what a day we had! With no other expectations than to have some fun in the spring snow, we skied both Forcella Bors and Malfatta. Øyvind and I started out from Indren (3275mt -the highest lift), skinned for about 30 minutes to Forcella Bors (ca.3550mt) and made a rappel down to the glacier. With my limited experience in climbing and mountaineering it’s good to have some practice done and it`s fun to go together with my “MacGyver-husband” Believe me, he loves mountaineering and I think the content of his backpack will have a solution for any situation up in the mountains:) Me on the other hand, just want to SKI most of the time and not think about all the gear, but after one season in Alagna my basic gear in my backpack contains an ice-axe, harness, skins, carbines etc etc at all times. And I have to admit that it gives me even better ski-experiences.

(I just got an idea that Forcella Bors must be amazing to drop down on a powder day. Wont need any other gear than skis to do that! Next winter?:)





We had a plan to ski one last run in Likke Schloss if the conditions were ok, but when we got to the couloir we had no visibility. This was a reminder of how fast the conditions change at this altitude. We waited at the top for a little while, but there was no change in the weather so we decided to ski Malfatta instead.


On the way to Malfatta we skied a couloir that barley had enough snow at the top to ski it, so the solution was to jump off a rock and drop in to enter it. With no speed, since we were standing on rock, it felt a little tricky to be able to land the drop without risking going head down the couloir. Luckily we both landed okay:)


I guess we are the last ones to ski both the little couloir and Malfatta this season, with snow that felt more like glue there is nothing else to do than to wait for the next season. But what a great last run we had:)



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  1. Mange nye blogg innlegg jeg ikke har fått med meg! Konge dette her! 🙂 For en vinter!!!! OMG! Har vel vært over all forventning 🙂 bare å glede seg til neste, ja 🙂


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