Greece, Porto Heli – Villa Epsilon Horizon

This summer contained everything. After three weeks in northern Italy together with Øyvind and Mia, where we met up with friends both in Val Gardena and Cortina. I travelled to Greece for one week to visit one of my best friends, Bård. He moved to Athens a year ago to build fantastic holiday villas in the exclusive area of Porto Heli, about two hours drive from Athens.

After a few days of wining and dining in Athens we drove to Porto Heli (- it went quite fast as he of course drives an AMG 63). I had only seen pictures from villa Epsilon Horizon so I was really excited to see it in real life. I can’t say the pictures lie, but seeing the villa appear as the gate opened was for sure something else. Fantastic with capital F. So if you have any doubt where to vacate next summer, you can read all about it here. Meanwhile-enjoy my pictures.

Thank you for a fantastic week in Greece!






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